Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5

Story Behind the Art

This painting is divided in two horizontal halves. The rectangle at the top includes light blues and golden color with plenty of light. In contrast, the bottom half has lower tones, or darker colors. From that scenario the Lord comes forth along with some vegetation breaking through the upper half.  Jesus is found in the brighter rectangle contrasting with the scene.  His arm in a solemn square position signals the Heavenly Father. Proper of strict cubism all forms and shapes were painted geometrically with straight lines and perfect arches. The idea is that in that peaceful afternoon the multitude, rich in their variety of colors (different personalities) is connected or has access to the light emanating from the Savior. The main lines of this composition guide your sight naturally to the Lord, and metaphorically speaking, it shows the journey we must make from the worldly to heavenly as Jesus indicates.