“Neglect not the gift that is in thee . . .” - 1 Timothy 4:14

“Thy gift . . . is sacred and cometh from above.” – D&C 6:10


Story Behind the Art:

Don’t Let Go

© 2016 Susan and David Edwards


I am but a promise if kept in fertile ground

Of sacred living energy, where mysteries abound

Yet the world is scornful and says that I am flawed

I wilt, but then remember, I am a work of God



So, don’t let go, don’t let go

Help me flourish, let me grow

Though winds may blow and floods may flow

Don’t let go, don’t let go


To everything there is a season to blossom and mature

A time when harvest is apparent and blessings are made sure

But now I’m very vulnerable - it’s by divine design

So, help me, hold me, nourish me until it is my time




I’m a tender mercy, a gift that grows with care

When tended by your faithful hands and watered well with prayer

You are now my gardener . . . plant me deep in sod

For what you help me someday be . . . becomes your gift to God