Peace, Be Still

Mark 4:35-39

Story Behind the Art

In this scene, the drama is transmitted through the absence of pure and bright colors.  I constrained myself to paint with a pallet of dark tones and a limited variety of colors to cover all elements and figures, it is truly a monochromatic painting.  The ship, the sea, the sky, the clothing of Jesus, they all have the same colors and tones.  The Lord, solemn and powerful stands out before the only stroke of light. Practically he is the only structure who maintains a vertical position, his rope in the wind and his arm advancing forward in diagonal commanding peace and calm. The remainder of the space is agitated by waving and broken lines in a subjective disorder. The three disciples are forming a triangle, and while two of them rely in their human efforts, oblivious of the miracle that is about to happen, the third disciple is already turning to observe the Lord of heaven and sea.   



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