He Shall Reign

“. . . the Son of Man . . . will reign till he descends on the earth to put all enemies under his feet, which time is nigh at hand.” - D&C 49:6  

 Story Behind the Art:

He Shall Reign

© 2017 Susan and David Edwards

The world, as we know it, descends to its close

Embroiled in the midst of the evil one’s throes

Apart from our God . . . we’re bankrupt and weak

Alone on our own, our salvation looks bleak


But Jesus is coming to gather his wheat

Subduing all enemies under His feet

The time is approaching for Jesus to reign

And rightfully govern his royal domain



For Christ shall reign

My God and my King

Yes, He shall reign

His Praises I sing


He reigns in my heart

He reigns in my soul

What once was broken

Now is made whole


Yes, He shall reign

. . . He shall reign


My life is transformed . . . my conflict can cease

My wolf and my lamb . . . now pasture in peace

I once had been lost . . . but now I am found

The Lord is my Savior, and Satan is bound