Susan Edwards




Susan Edwards was born in a small town in Alberta, Canada. As a child she moved to Lehi, Utah, where she still resides. She is the mother of four beautiful daughters and twelve amazing grandchildren. She is working towards a BFA in Illustration at UVU.  For the last five years she has been working with a team of artists, painting temple murals. Susan likes to give her viewers a multisensory experience.  This is why she, along with her husband, her partner in rhyme, writes, records and performs songs to accompany her religious art.  She feels that the lyrics and music add to the spiritual and emotional experience of her art. Susan wants her art and music to testify of God’s love and truth, inviting that spark of divinity in others to be re-ignited and strengthened.  She hopes that others will be inspired through her creative works to a remembrance of and a re-connection to God, whose children we are.