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For their redeemer is mighty; he shall plead their cause with thee. - Proverbs 23:11

Story Behind the Art:

As I was drawing this piece, I imagined an encounter with Christ.  I pictured the Savior’s face and what it would be like to look into His eyes.  I thought of His humble birth and the crucifixion.  I tried to visualize Him at Gethsemane and resurrected at the garden tomb.  His life was one of contrasts, a King of Kings born in a manger.  He had the power to command the elements, but he condescended redeem us all.

This drawing was done with charcoal and white chalk.  Charcoal has been used by artists for thousands of years.  It is the humblest of drawing tools.  Wood is consumed by fire and then compressed into sticks.  It makes a rich black pigment.  The white chalk is also an ancient drawing tool and is a perfect and pure white.  It provides a contrast with the charcoal that adds depth to the drawing.

It reminded me of the symbolism of the burnt offering, wherein the pure and perfect sacrifice was placed on the altar and completely consumed by the flames.  Christ, the Son of God, lived humbly and placed his perfection upon the altar of Gethsemane in our behalf, doing what we could not.  Through His offering, that which is stained and burnt becomes pure and white. - Howard Lyon


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