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Story Behind the Art

Known as the word for “beautiful” in Hebrew, Nauvoo was once an empty bluff on the Mississippi River. Stalwart settlers and saints  upwards of 12,000 people transformed this swampy flatland into a flourishing development of homes and businesses. On the city’s highest hill sits the magnificent Nauvoo Temple the pinnacle of the early pioneers love and devotion to their city and  their God. In the foreground are the homes of these early settlers, Brigham Young, Heber C Kimball, Lucky Mack Smith, and of course the beautiful Homestead and Mansion House, home to Joseph & Emma Smith. Whether you walk down Parley Street  to the banks of the Mississippi River to visit each neighbor, get a cookie at the Scoville Bakery or enjoy a rootbeer at The Red Brick Store Nauvoo has many memories to last a lifetime.

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