Leap of Faith

Story Behind the Art:

Doc has wanted to paint "Leap of Faith" for about fifteen years, ever since the image appeared in his mind’s eye, much as was the case with "Sacrament Meeting." The image is meant to represent the leap of faith we take when we put our trust and faith in the Lord. Many thoughts came to Doc after the painting was completed that he has always felt were from Heavenly Father. When viewers see the picture, those same thoughts may come to them as well: “The pinnacle the Savior is on is only large enough for one, so He won’t catch me; or if He does, we will both fall; and if we don’t fall, where will He put me?” But we still leap because we are compelled to by our trust in the Savior.  After paint “Leap of Faith’\”, Doc wrote the following expression… “Though the chasm which stretches between you seems boundless, the Savior requires that you turn from where you stand and go to Him, trusting in Him, willing yourself to make a leap of faith”. - Doc Christensen


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