Doc Christensen



Don O. Christensen, more commonly known as Doc, was born in Merced California and was raise on his family's dairy farm.  Doc showed an interest in drawing from a very early age. He was the youngest of four boys and spent a lot of time entertaining himself drawing. Doc was encouraged by his mother to pursue his passion to draw and was introduced at a young age to oil painting.  After returning from his mission to England he worked briefly as a technical illustrator but finally established a career as a goldsmith.  It was at this time that he met and married Carolyn Reynar, while living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Only six months after their wedding in the Los Angeles Temple, the young couple moved to Salem, Oregon where they began their family which ultimately consisted of three daughters and one son.  Shortly after the birth of their first child Doc created his first religious painting which he titled “The Portrait of the Prophets”; a portrait of all the presidents of the LDS Church wearing white suits gathered in the Celestial Room of the Salt Lake Temple.  Even today this is his best known work.  As his family grew he took a long break from painting until in 2002 he updated “The Portrait of the Prophets”.  Since then he has created paintings such as “Called to Served”, “Armor of God”, “A Child’s Prayer” and many others.