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Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee - Psalms 55:22

Story Behind the Art:

This piece is symbolic.  I wanted it to represent how we can successfully get through this life. Like a child, we can be fearful, weak, quick to forget why we're here.  During our life journey, we fall and bruise, we trip and stumble until, hopefully, we realize our Redeemer can carry us. He wants to carry us home.  Will life always be easy in the Lord's care?  No!  For we are not here to vacation but to grow and be stretched. For this reason, I did not want the child to look overly happy or excited because we know life isn't always that way. I wanted him to look as though he were at peace with The One carrying him. The atonement of Christ can and must carry us back to our heavenly home! - Dan Wilson

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